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Empowered by employment

For Lucy, employment has provided her with a sense of empowerment unlike anything she’s felt before.

Through her administration role at Bennett, she has built both financial stability and the capacity to work in an office environment – valuable things she can use as she works towards achieving the very big goals she’s set herself.

“I feel so much more independent having my own income and being able to continue my progression within any workplace,” says Lucy.

One of Lucy’s biggest drivers of success has been the working environment. With a focus on inclusivity, not exclusion, Lucy has been part of an extremely understanding and supportive team who trust her to work autonomously and complete all tasks by the deadline.

“We are like a family, and all work together really well. We all support each other and lift each other up when we need it,” she continues.

Lucy has also been incredibly appreciative of the support from her Edge Job Coach and the wider Edge team, who have been right by her side along her journey.

“They have helped me in so, so many ways. They have offered me gentle, kind and caring support in all aspects. I came to Edge in a very dark and lonely place, and the whole team has become such a fundamental part of my life. It feels like one big supportive family.”

For businesses reluctant to employ workers with a disability or for employers looking to get the best possible results, Lucy says the key is being empathic and understanding of your workers’ conditions.

“Someone with a disability will learn in different ways that are best suited to them. Understanding and learning how to help them will completely change the outcome of their work. Inclusivity, not exclusion. We are some of the most determined people.”

With her newfound confidence and relentless drive, we can’t wait to see what lofty goals Lucy can achieve in what’s sure to be a bright future.

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