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15 years and counting

Recently Edge client Joshua celebrated 15 years with Woolworths at Kingsway Shopping Centre. Joshua’s journey began when his school referred him to Edge for assistance in finding employment. His overarching objective was to become financially independent.

15 years on, Joshua recently celebrated his work anniversary at Woolworths with a special morning tea to recognise the milestone.

Joshua works in fresh produce and is responsible for the display of stock and ensuring stock levels are kept high and well presented.

For successful long-term employment, you need more than an opportunity. You need a supportive team around you. Joshua has been lucky to have this. He is supported in his role at Woolworths by Store Manager Vince, “Since I began as Store Manager, I have been working closely with Joshua to increase his work duties within different departments. I have seen Joshua’s confidence and ability to contribute increase, where he is now confident on his own with a number of tasks where he wasn’t before.”

His support network also includes our Edge team. Joshua is regularly supported by his Job Coach Luke, “My Job Coach has helped me learn new skills and new tasks. I feel supported and I would ask Luke for help if I needed it. Edge visits me at work weekly and regularly contacts my Mum.”

We love being able to watch our clients grow and develop over their employment journey. Job Coach Luke attended the celebratory morning tea and made a speech. From all of the Edge team, congratulations Joshua and we cannot wait to see what else you achieve. Bring on your next milestone!

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