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Unconscious bias

Whether we like it or not, each time we interact with someone or a situation, our unconscious bias places unintentional preferences on what we are experiencing. This can cause us to place people in certain categories without thinking it through, such as with colleagues, family and friends. Our unconscious bias is triggered automatically, without our intention which impacts our attitudes on people and their characteristics such as gender, age, sexual orientation, race, religion or disability. The unconscious thinking that we often don’t realise, can increase the risk of discrimination, and have an impact on workplace diversity. This is why Edge places great importance of providing the employers we partner alongside with training to empower and increase confidence amongst their staff.

This week our Edge Trainer provided a workshop on ‘Unconscious Bias’ for one of our valued employers. Participants were given the opportunity to challenge their own perceptions on disability.

We had the following feedback from the session, “This was a great opportunity to talk about this seldom discussed topic in detail” and, “Great training session and very well structured. I gained a deeper understanding to be part of this journey in supporting my colleague with a disability in the workplace.”

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