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Turning challenges around

Challenges are a part of life.

Being able to overcome them makes us stronger and resilient.  If we didn’t have challenges, we wouldn’t learn lessons that we can apply to future situations. The challenges and lessons learnt by Kevin, a client with us at Edge Employment Solutions, is a prime example of someone who is taking on life’s challenges as a catalyst for growth and development.

Kevin started with Edge in 2012 when he was in Year 12. His initial meeting with Employment Consultant Jenny was focused on finding work experience. In Kevin’s words, “It was my first taste of work life. It was a good way of learning what the workforce was going to be like for me once I graduated from school.”

Upon finishing school, Kevin worked in several jobs. It was a period that proved to be challenging but empowering at the same time. Through the different challenges of each job, Kevin worked on finding the positives in every situation. Working or the ‘Green Army,’ an initiative set up in conjunction with working with the Department of Environment and Energy, was one of his favourite experiences. From the first day, he loved every moment of it:

“My experience from the first day was so much fun. We did weeding, planted trees, and team oriented activities. I learnt a lot through the program and got the experience that I needed. I also gained self independence, self confidence and a strong belief in myself.”

Kevin remembers the biggest challenge was learning how to use public transport. He thanks his Employment Consultant Jenny for helping him increase his confidence in this area, explaining:Kevin smiling in front of his workplace

“Jenny deserves so much credit. She pushed me. She said at the time ‘if you’re not willing to get the bus, how do you expect anyone to employ you’? That kind of mentality made me do it. And it’s worked out so well for me.”

This diverse training has led to Kevin’s current position working at the Department of Communities. His role involves tasks such as storing data on the computer and creating talking mats for those who have communication difficulties. His Job Coordinator Fiona is there to ensure he excels in his role and continues to develop his skills over time.

When he’s not working, Kevin is a devoted supporter of the West Coast Eagles and has fond memories of growing up watching games and cheering on the players. He’s particularly fond of ruckman Nic Naitanui as he finds him to be a relatable character:

“He’s just so humble. He’s not a larger than life celebrity. He’s always acting like he’s one of us, that’s why I love him.”

Through pursuing his passions and putting into action lessons from the workforce, Kevin is committed to living his best life. He knows he’ll have many challenges to face in the future, but he’s ready to tackle each and every one. Kevin credits Edge for nurturing this positive mindset.

At Edge we exist to change lives through the power of employment, and Kevin’s story is a wonderful example of why we do what we do. With a rich life ahead of him, we will be sure to keep you up to date with his experiences and progress. Until then, he leaves us with this important message:

“I’ve had such a hell of a ride. There have been so many ups and downs. You’re not going to always have things go your own way, but if you navigate through those tricky waters, you’ll eventually find a job that will suit you. You’ve got nothing to lose, just got for it.”

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