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The small cafe with a lot of heart for people with disability

For over 35 years we have proudly been supporting people with disability to secure and maintain fulfilling employment. Our Vision is to build an inclusive and accepting society through the power of employment. Just 38Kms East of Perth, we were lucky to find a spirited café that shared our vision- Café Mojo Mundaring.

Café Mojo Mundaring has a cute and quirky aesthetic, but it’s Jo and Ronald’s (the owners) big hearts that stand out the most. Jo and Ronald dreamed of creating “a space for people to grow- a community hub where anybody and everybody has a chance [to achieve their goals].” When Ryan and Hanna (two of Edge’s Employer Consultants) met with Jo and Ronald, they were ecstatic to learn Edge could help bring their dream to life.

At the time there was a job opportunity at the Café for someone to assist Jo in the kitchen. Ryan and Hanna immediately thought of Emma. Emma is an amazing young woman who has always wanted to be a chef. Naturally, this was the perfect opportunity for Emma too. For the first time, Emma would work in a role she is excited about. Emma would also be mentored by Jo who is a qualified chef.

Five months later, Emma is “loving working here [at Café Mojo Mundaring]” and Jo and Ronald have truly “enjoyed seeing Emma grow.” Jo and Ronald told me Emma was very shy at the beginning. They said, “she would come in, do her job and leave.” Over time Emma’s confidence has grown. Jo giggled as she told me they’ve enjoyed learning Emma’s sense of humour better. Jo and Ronald have also discovered how much Emma enjoys taking on challenges in the kitchen. I asked Emma how she felt about Café Mojo, and without pause, she said, “it’s amazing, I feel like I belong [here].”

With the power of employment, Emma is excited about her future. If you too want to support people with disability or experience the power of fulfilling and meaningful employment, Emma says “don’t be afraid to ask Edge for help. I was [afraid] at first but I realised there is simply no harm in asking.”

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