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Krystal has been assisted by our Cockburn team to find employment in the hospitality industry. Working closely with Employer Consultant Bree, she has recently found employment as a Waitress at the Coffee Club. Krystal is enjoying her new role and the environment that the Coffee Club has created, stating it is “a highly supportive, encouraging, inspiring and team-oriented business.”

Krystal is thankful to Bree for her support with job searching and finding her current role. Through this process, she has felt empowered, encouraged and developed her self-confidence in social settings.

Bree has enjoyed assisting Krystal, “she is a very hard-working, intelligent, motivated, kind and inspiring individual.” Krystal would like to encourage employers considering hiring people with disability to, “demonstrate understanding and kindness, try to put yourself in their shoes, and give them a chance.”

She would also like to pass on some advice to people with disability, “never stop trying to get to where you want to be and never stop growing as an individual. Create and fight for your own happiness, and don’t give up on your dreams!”

Starting work has allowed Krystal to find a purpose and independence. Our Cockburn team are happy they could assist Krystal on her journey and wish her all the best in her role at the Coffee Club.

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