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Since 2019, Chris has been working at Unirack as a Warehouse Assistant. Over the last three years, Edge has collaborated with Owner and Manager Rudy to provide employment for three Edge job seekers in their extremely supportive environment.

Chris loves representing Unirack and takes a great deal of pride in his job. This is because Chris feels valued by the team and his supervisor Peter. Unirack has helped improve not only the confidence of Chris but of the other Edge job seekers as well.

Edge Job Coach Kathryn has worked closely with the Unirack team to find ways to improve Chris’ productivity at work. Recently, Chris’ supervisor Peter implemented a new target for Chris to aim for prior to his lunch break. This is a goal that Chris is looking forward to achieving.

Job Coach Kathryn praises Chris for the enthusiasm and effort he has displayed at Unirack, “I have been supporting Chris for the last 10 months and can say he is a delightful client. Chris is always cheerful, chatty, and engaging; interested in everything going on around him and is consistent in his work practice and attendance. His supervisors were very pleased with his efforts this week as he has increased his productivity. Chris absolutely loves his job and speaks highly of his employers, saying he would recommend them to anyone.”

Thanks to the Unirack team for creating a workplace that is enjoyable and caring for Chris to prosper.


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