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Kat farewells Edge as she heads to the USA

At Edge, we love to share our clients’ success stories. And we love it too when we get heartfelt messages from them. As with all Edge journeys, we partner with our clients every step of the way, supporting them for as long as they need us. Kat’s story extends to her Edge Employer Consultant Mal, their partnership starting many years ago. It is an incredibly special story and definitely worth a read!

Kat approached Edge when her life changed drastically after she became visually impaired. At this time, she started avoiding everyday activities, such as using a computer, reading a book, and visiting shopping centres. As you can only imagine, the thought of re-entering the workforce was especially daunting. In her time of need, Kat reached out to Edge and found herself in a safe pair of trusting hands when she was introduced to Mal.

Mal is almost part of the furniture here at Edge, and has been with us for an astounding 19 years. He has provided exceptional support to Kat, helping her secure a traineeship at MercyCare in 2017, which has since led to a full-time position.

Over the years, Kat has loved working at MercyCare, but her life is about to change once again. Hence, she wrote to Mal to express her sincere thanks and to update him on the next stage of her life adventure. This is what she wrote:

Katalina smiling with the word advocate.“Mal, four years ago, you and I were sitting across from each other in the Edge Joondalup office, discussing a possible business traineeship within a not-for-profit organisation. I still remember to this day, what you said to me: ‘Kat, I believe you could do well in this position, and I would really like to see you at MercyCare in 5 years’ time.’

Well, I almost made it. However, due to my husband’s job, this will be my last week at MercyCare because we will be moving to the United States.

Mal, thank you so much for this spectacular opportunity. It is the best thing that ever happened to me. The traineeship opened my mind and heart to a new passion and a new career that I can do without sight. I look back and feel proud of my journey here at MercyCare and all that it has blessed me with. It even gave me opportunities to incorporate what I love doing into my work.

I hope you have kept well; it has been both a pleasure and privilege. A season in my life that I will forever be grateful for, thanks to you and the team at Edge for ‘teaching me how to fish’.”

In her letter, Kat expresses her gratitude for her experience at MercyCare, recognising that she has achieved so much and has made lifelong friends:

“I have learned so much, more than I hoped for in that time. I have experienced many rewarding encounters, attended training workshops, built strong relationships, received many opportunities to advocate for people with disabilities, used my creativity and innovative skills, spoken at a leadership conference on behalf of diversity and disability communities, and expanded my role across services that I have grown passionate for.

Most of all, I have consistently moved forward, and upward, within MercyCare’s organisation under and alongside the most amazing, intelligent and supportive professionals that I have ever had the privilege of working for, and befriending.”

Featured in our 2017/2018 Annual Report, Kat has come a long way. All of us at Edge acknowledge inspiring employers like MercyCare, who not only changed a life, but nurtured a driven, passionate, and compassionate employee.

We thank Kat for sharing her story and wish her all the best for her move to the United States and all the exciting opportunities that await her there. Stay in touch, Kat!

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