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Over the last year, Adam has been excelling and loving his role at The Sovereign Arms (Bar & Bistro). So much so, that he is currently a Supervisor in Training.

Adam enjoys his job as he loves meeting new people and working with his colleagues. As well as being enjoyable, employment has positively impacted Adam, “My confidence has grown immensely, and I finally have financial freedom, which allows me to do so much more and opens my horizons.”

Engaging with Edge for guidance on his career direction and understanding of the various jobs out there, Adam was first supported by Edge Employer Consultant Mal and Account Manager Will.

“Edge has been an integral part of my success, firstly by setting me up in a supportive environment where I can work on myself and build confidence with a supportive team and a great mentor in Emma. Will’s commitment to train me at the beginning was unrivalled as he spent his own time in training me on site to build my confidence.”

Working closely with The Sovereign Arms Manager Emma has really benefited Adam especially, “Her unrivalled support and her ability to make me feel comfortable when I feel stressed.”

Emma has also got to see firsthand Adam’s development, “It has been one of my biggest achievements to see Adam grow and build on success every day. No journey is challenge free and Adam is the prime example of what happens when you are committed and have a supportive team. Adam has created his own success and should be proud of how far he has come.”

With a high emphasis on his personal growth and progress, and understanding that teamwork is important so he doesn’t put pressure on the rest of the team, Adam’s advice is fitting, “Believe in yourself first, with the right support and the ability to ask for help, you will be in control of your own future. Invest early.” Emma invested in Adam and it is paying dividends.

Like all our clients, once they secure a role, they are supported in employment by a dedicated Job Coach. For Adam, this was Bhakti. “Bhakti is always easy to contact and her ability to present a different perspective on situations has allowed me to view issues from different angles. Edge and Bhakti have always been there for me and not once have I felt like I was on this journey by myself. It’s a great feeling knowing that on my toughest day, I have someone to rely on.”

The whole Joondalup and Edge team are proud of Adam’s success so far and can’t wait to see him continue excelling.

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