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Recently our Term Two Charged Up for Work cohort was introduced to different workplaces with new and exciting possibilities. A key aim of these visits is to encourage students to think outside the square. The students gained an insight into various industries they may not have considered previously.

We have some wonderful supporters of the program who give their time and knowledge in showcasing their worksites, explaining various roles and answering a plethora of questions from our students. Thank you to the team at Coles SubiacoThe Flower Market and Strike Bowling Forrest Chase for providing this great experience. This teamed with public transport training, makes for one of the favourite days of the program.

Charged Up for Work Term Two has just come to an end with both cohorts successfully graduating. The students will now commence the next step of their journey with their Charged Up for Work Consultants. Some students have already identified areas they are interested in and we are working towards creating these opportunities. If you want to be involved with the program or have an employment possibility, please contact our team.

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