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Department of Communities WA & Edge working together through work assist

Edge delivers a federally funded program called Work Assist. As the name implies, the program is designed to provide support when an existing Employee experiences heightened anxiety, or an exacerbation of health issues or other disabilities which impact their ability to fulfill their duties. COVID-19 has brought unprecedented change for all, so we wanted to share an inspiring Work Assist success story…

Peter commenced as a trainee with the Department of Communities in 2000. He was supported by Edge and over 18 years and worked in various Government Departments. He was promoted to a Level 2 Admin Assistant in 2014. “I have been very appreciative of Edge’s support because it helped me find and maintain a good job, complete my university studies, and a Certificate IV Foundations of Government HR course. Outside of work I enjoy martial arts and volunteer at a local museum” he said.

In May 2018, Edge re-registered Peter to provide support in the form of Work Assist.  This was deemed necessary because a Department restructure had resulted in significant changes that had impacted Peter’s anxiety levels.

At the time Peter stated “From what I have been told, the team I support is going to be growing, and I’ll be required to assist over 100 people and have lots of new systems to learn. I’ve been struggling with my anxiety and a bit of burn out from all the changes.”

When Edge met with Peter’s Manager Donna, she relayed that Peter is a vital member of her team, but that she did have some concerns. “The team that I currently support will triple in the coming months. This office will be a lot louder, and as a result, could impact on Peter’s well-being” she said.

Through Work Assist, Peter was empowered and supported by his Job Coach, Dal who had a good understanding of Peter’s role. By working with both Peter and Donna, she was able to help by making changes and adapting the structure of the role, providing informal counselling on relocating offices and assisting Peter to achieve to set professional and personal goals. This process ensured that he remained productive and able to fulfill his duties.

Dal continues to help Peter with dealing with stressful situations by assisting him to manage his anxiety and bounce back from setbacks. Right now, Peter is thriving in his role. Dal meets with him every fortnight (currently it’s over the phone) to provide ongoing support.

Both Peter and his Employer have benefited hugely from the provision of the Work Assist program, and the ultimate goal has been achieved; Peter was able to maintain his role and continue to add value to his workplace!

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