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Dawt’s School Leaver Employment Supports

School Leaver Employment Supports focuses on those beginning their employment journey, as they prepare to leave school and enter the workforce.

SLES is one of the NDIS supports Edge is currently offering. It is a transition-to-work option available to NDIS participants leaving school, forming the critical bridge between school life and work.

These supports are individual, reviewed periodically, and can include helping the participant explore and understand their work potential by focusing on capacity building, developing skills, independence and confidence to work.

Dawt is one of our SLES participants. She receives our individually tailored support, which is customised for each individual’s needs and skills to reach their employment aspirations.

Dawt was born and raised in Burma before she and her family sought refuge in Australia three years ago for a better life. With English being her second language, she was referred by her NDIS Support Coordinator to Edge. She received help in improving her English and increasing her confidence to continue working towards reaching her goal of finding employment in the makeup and cosmetic industry.

Our NDIS team created individual supports to help Dawt’s journey towards transitioning into work and engaged her family and carers around her goals.

The supports, which includes hard and soft skills, depend on each participant’s current skill level.

Some of the supports Dawt has received includes assistance with money management, life skills, organisation, decision making, time management, Centrelink referrals, researching and enrolling in the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program and borrowing books from the library.

Dawt has built a strong and trusting relationship with her NDIS Consultant. “Rochelle is so kind and caring, she takes me shopping and helps me to practice my English. She makes me feel happy,” Dawt said.

The NDIS program has assisted Dawt to reach her employment potential. “Edge has helped me find the SEE program to practice my English. Rochelle takes me shopping in the local community and I am now able to order drinks by myself. Edge’s support has been good, it has made me more confident.”

NDIS Consultant Rochelle has enjoyed working closely with Dawt. “Dawt is a kind and loving young girl with a bright future and passion for everything in life. She constantly inspires me with her positive and energetic outlook on life.”

We are looking forward to seeing Dawt gain the skills and abilities she needs to reach her employment goals.

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