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A positive move for Belinda

Belinda joined Edge’s NDIS supports two months ago and was matched with one of our NDIS Consultants Caitlin. Together they identified Belinda’s employment interests, goals, industry preferences and availability. They also made a plan of short-term goals to get Belinda ready for employment. This included updating her resume, creating a superannuation account and practising mock interview questions.

After Caitlin assisted Belinda to get job ready, they worked on creating a Seek and Indeed profile so Belinda could independently job search in her own time. This meant that the time Caitlin and Belinda spent together could be focused on face-to-face marketing in Belinda’s local area.

They initially began looking for employment opportunities in the retail industry before trying the hospitality industry. They visited The Duke Bar and Bistro where Belinda was immediately offered a job trial! Belinda attended the work trial that afternoon and successfully landed the job.

Already in two months Belinda has grown both personally and professionally. Our NDIS team will continue to support Belinda in her transition into employment and provide ongoing support. Congratulations and good luck with your new job Belinda.

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