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Our processes are designed to help you make the most of your journey with Edge, whether you’re looking for your very first job or trying to get back into the workforce. Together, we can help you achieve everything you set your mind to. Here’s how:

  1. Reach out – To begin your journey, contact our team today to find out if our services are right for you. You can learn more about our eligibility criteria here.
  2. Grow your support team – Our Customer Relations Advisors will ask you about your skills, abilities, education, training, personal circumstances and employment goals to help build your profile and allow us to find you a job that suits you. Anyone from your support network is invited to join in these sessions, as we believe ongoing support is central to success.
  1. Become job-ready – At this stage, your dedicated Employer Consultant will work closely with you to create a powerful resume, build your interview skills and identify any additional training that might benefit you.
  1. Start your job search – When you’re feeling confident, your Employer Consultant will help you begin your job search in areas or roles that meet your individual needs.
  1. Find and keep a job – Once you’ve found a job you love, congratulations! Now it’s time for the next chapter. At this stage, you will meet your dedicated Job Coach who will be there to offer you ongoing support in your new job for as long as you need it. Read more about our ongoing support services here.

If you’d like to find out more about our services to job seekers, or you’re ready to start your journey, we’d love to chat!

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